Bio-Clean Degreaser - Greenleaf

Bio-Clean Degreaser - Greenleaf
Eco friendly and bio-degradable BIO-CLEAN Eucalyptus All Purpose Cleaner contains natural eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil is nature's natural solvent which is ideal for dissolving grease (both food and petroleum based). Eucalyptus oil is also a disinfectant and an antiseptic which makes Greenleaf Eucalyptus Cleaner a great powerful cleaner for all areas making it truly all purpose.

Greenleaf Eucalyptus Cleaner removes grease, oils & diesel from driveways, cleans any surface including stoves, ovens, barbeques', engines, floors, walls, toilets, vinyl's, bathrooms, carpet stains, bench tops, plastics, glass, boat & car wash.

Eucalyptus Cleaner even removes graffiti from painted surfaces.

Greenleaf Eucalyptus Cleaner is also used for cleaning plastic children's playground equipment as commonly seen at fast food restaurants.

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