Odour Control Pads Industrial

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Odour Control Pads Industrial
Odour Control Pads are to be placed in any enclosed area where odour is a problem. They are, in effect the same as the Domestic Zero pads, but are more powerful.
These pads are used in locations where there is any type of offensive odour, from industrial sized rubbish bins, to smelly processing areas, kitchens etc.
Once again the list is endless, but will include:
• Pet parlours
• Vet surgeries
• Laundry rooms & baskets
• Imported vehicles
• Aged care facilities
• Patients rooms
• Rubbish bins of all sizes
• Reception areas
• Bathrooms
• Smokers areas
• Elevators
• Garbage Areas
• Bin rooms & chutes
• Restrooms
• Gyms & Spa’s
• Freshly painted rooms
The applications are endless!

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