Bio-Zyme Enzyme Based Multi Cleaner

Bio-Zyme Enzyme Based Multi Cleaner
Enzyme based Multi-Purpose cleaner sanitiser | Non Fragrant

An environmentally and user friendly cleaner, degreaser and sanitiser, Bio-Zyme Multi-Purpose is the safer and healthier alternative to toxic cleaners, solvents, caustics and bleaches.

Bio-Zyme Multi-Purpose cleans floors, walls, benches and all food processing equipment. It cleans more than just visible surfaces, but also cleans and deodorises floor waste pipes and drains. Works very effectively through a foaming application for greater coverage in food processing areas. May be used for cleaning large processing rooms provided the room can be divided into distinct areas.

No edible product or packaging may be present in the area during cleaning and there can be no possibility of contamination of product or packaging material as a result of cleaning. When using as sanitiser, minimum contact time of one minute. Rinse with potable water after application.
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