Bio-Degreaser - Insinc Brand

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Bio-Degreaser - Insinc Brand
Powerful water based degreaser suitable for removing oil and grease from a variety of surfaces. It can be used for cleaning engines, painted surfaces prior to painting, cleaning oils and fats from food preparation areas. It has many other applications, both commercial and domestic. Contains no harsh solvents. Friendly to both you and the environment.

Bio-Degreaser can be applied in a number of ways. Using a trigger sprayer, a garden sprayer, through a water blaster or add to a bucket of water and apply with a brush. Some agitation with a soft or hard brush may be required. After cleaning wash down with fresh water. For glass, painted surfaces and automobiles, a great finish can be achieved by drying off using a soft cloth.

5Litres $29.90
20Litres $95.00

MIXING RATIOS (parts concentrate to parts water)

Car exterior                               1:100

Overalls (workers)                      1:15

Stoves household                     1:1

Bloodstains on fabric                 1:10

Car upholstery                          1:25

Stainless steel surfaces              1:300              

Glass cleaning                           1:75

Lipstick on fabric                        1:25

Engine automotive                    1:1

Ceramic tiles                             1:15

PVC guttering                           1:10                

Carpet stains                            1:10

Engine parts                             1:5

Garden tools                             1:5

Down pipes                              1:10

Alloy joinery                               1:10

Food surfaces                           1:50

Hand tools general                   1:10

Marine hulls                              1:10

Plastic shower areas                  1:1

Floors                                       1:50

Alloy wheels automotive            1:1

Outboard motors                      1:1                  

Outdoor alloy furniture               1:1

House exterior                          1:25

Oil spills on concrete                  1:5                  

Lawn mowers                           1:5

Fishing rods and reels               1:25

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