Presta ultra 2 step maxcut 946ml - Pacer

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Presta ultra 2 step maxcut 946ml - Pacer
Presta's Ultra 2 Step Buffing System was designed to simplify the buffing process, saving time and money while delivering unparalleled results.

Max Cut Compound is a fast-cutting compound specifically designed to remove P1500 and finer sand scratches on hard or fast-drying production clear coats. MaxCut when compounding light to medium colours is a One Step process using a cutting foam pad at 1400 rpm or a black & white wool pad at 1800 rpm. For medium to dark colours then follow a Two Step process using Ultra 2 Step Polish (Art. No. 139432) with a blue foam pad at 1400 rpm.

Super-hard diminishing abrasive engineered for the latest clear coat technologies
Water-based formula for quick and easy clean up
Contains no fillers, waxes or silicones


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GR 139032
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