Autoscrub Hard Surface Cleaner for Scrubbing Machines 20L - Qualchem

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Autoscrub Hard Surface Cleaner for Scrubbing Machines 20L - Qualchem
AUTOSCRUB 20L is an orange liquid, foam controlled, hard surface cleaner, formulated for use in commercial and industrial automatic scrubbing machines.


Essentially safe and cleans by powerful chemical action - NOT by scouring.
Strong emulsifying action for stubborn soils and oils.
Rapid soil penetration.
Good soil suspension.
Excellent anti-corrosion properties for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Low foaming.
NZFSA Approved C37.

AUTOSCRUB is specifically designed for use in automatic scrubbing machines and may be used on all types of floors including ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, slate etc.
AUTOSCRUB is effective on compacted soilages including oil, grease, dirt, food etc.
AUTOSCRUB may be used on stainless steel, steel and aluminum. Used manually it is an effective hard surface cleaner.


Autoscrubbing Machines: 100ml - 250ml per 10L (1:100 - 1:40)
Manual Cleaning: dilute 250ml/10L water (1:40)
Use undiluted with a scrubbing brush for heavy soils (gloves must be worn)
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